Best Bass Fishing Lures:  Custom Spinnerbaits, Jig Spinners and Bass Jigs

Best Bass Fishing Lures and Custom Spinnerbaits

Rumba Doll Lures offers a variety of best in class bass fishing lures which includes custom spinnerbaits, standard spinnerbaits, jig spinners and bass jigs. The Original Spinnerbait is considered one of our best bass fishing lures in the arsenal due to its unique characteristics of sporting an old-style flat rubber skirt, a high-vibrating light wire and its famous Thunder N Lightning spinnerbait spinner blades. The Original Spinnerbait is considered to be the best bass fishing spinnerbait lure in Louisiana. These spinnerbaits are available in standard styles that have been proven performers for over 30 years and can also be configured in many variations as a custom spinnerbait.

The appearance and function of our bass fishing lures, especially the custom spinnerbaits, can be modified with replacement components such as silicone and flat rubber skirts and willow leaf, colorado and indiana spinnerbait spinner blades. With these options, you can transform your bass fishing lure according to any condition to get the best bass fishing results. Check out our Online Fishing Store by clicking on the links below.